Sunday, 12 October 2008

What A Day!

Angela and Wayne got into the way of Classical Anne's programme this afternoon - chaos, but fun. Luckily some of us had escaped and went for a walk around Newbourne, fantastic time, and one day soon it will be available as a downloadable file and podcast, with pictures as well.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Plans Mean Progress

We are moving forward, with lots happening. Two big projects are taking up most of our time.
We plan to move to premises soon, so that we create a public face, a place where anyone can pop in and tell us about their world.
Secondly we are applying for an FM broadcast licence for the Felixstowe area. That will be really exciting.
There's a need for cash and support, and more volunteers, and... lots more.
One real offer we are now making is that advertisers can have 24 adverts, each lasting 30 seconds for just £30. That's a bargain.
Contact for more details

Friday, 10 October 2008

Happy Friday

We have local bands today, plus a new Frequencycast programme - these guys really know their gizmos - well worth listening to.

Two of our team want to start a dating agency. They are two gorgeous women, now without husbands, who'd like a little male company. What better idea than to start a dating agency? Watch this space for details - all they need know is an appropriate name... and suggestions are welcomed (a deep sigh went round the office as I wrote that - OK, I'm a little naive sometimes).

Not a bad day here in Felixstowe: the sun may shine. We have plenty to do...

Great email this morning about a man standing in a supermarket queue, waiting to pay for a big bag on Winalot dog food.

Woman behind him said, 'Do you have a dog?'

'Oh no. It's for my diet, although I really shouldn't start it again but I lost 50 pounds last time, so even though I ended up in hospital I thought I'd try it again. I just put a handful of nuggets in my pocket and when I feel hungry, have one. They are very nutritious and full of goodness.'

The woman looked worried, 'How did they put you in hospital? What's wrong with them?'

'Oh no, it wasn't the Winalot. I was sitting in the road licking my balls and a car hit me.'

Who did I say was naive?

Enjoy your day.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Big Hack

It really hurt. This Turkish Hacker broke into our server, destroyed ALL our web sites, and the databases and even the back-up of the databases. Three years work - lost in seconds.

This guy has brought down really big companies, and once took out 34,000 web sites in one day.

Is that funny?

Is it clever? Only in an evil malicious way. It's stupid because they get no pleasure from destroying us. It's all done with an automated robot released upon an unsuspecting world. It's collateral damage gone berserk.

We complained to Turkey, a beautiful country that wants to be part of Europe. We said. 'the Turkish Hacker displays your nation's flag, a picture of Attaturk and says he is the Turkish Hacker. It's not looking good for you, as a country. You need some damage limitation - find those responsible and then inflict some retribution - you can select from our list if you like, which starts with public garroting and ends with being made to listen to James Blunt for eternity.'

We'll recover but will the Turkish Hacker ever find peace? In this world or the next? We doubt it.

It's time they came forward to confess their sins.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Bartlet Convalescent Home must be saved for Suffolk

Community members who care about the future of healthcare in Suffolk have launched a petition on the Prime Minister's website, at

Everyone is urged to sign this petition.

It is outrageous that the local health authority (PCT) can sell off an asset bequethed to the people of Suffolk, along with sufficient funds to keep it running for ever. This is just a measly, short-sighted, ploy to raise funds to clear supposed debts.

Local residents are planning a High Court action to save this lovely building, which has an invaluable role, providing respite care.

Join with them, and pledge your support.

Felixstowe Radio recently spoke to Mike Ninnmey and Harry Dangerfield, members of the action group, at

The Action Group's website is at

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Stage Door Theatre Company

At ICR, see we now have a licence to broadcast in the Ipswich area on 105.7 FM, and we hope to sart doing that soon. We are also involved with a new start-up at Felixstowe Radio, see which will cover that town. There we shall start online broadcasting very soon - and there's already some interviews to listen to, as we start to get ourselves together.

At present there's an interview with the Chairman of the Stage Door Thetare Company, who talks about the challenges of putting together a musical show, at a 900 seat theatre, using amateurs - who are not the problem - it's the Council, the theatre management company, obtaining rights to perform, sets, costumes, selling tickets - it's a business!

Listen to Nigel Lungley at

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

30 May 2007

This is our BIG day. We start broadcasting the Wednesday Morning show at 7am - going through to 10am, on 105.7 FM in the Ipswich, Suffolk area of England, and online at

First few programmes will cover PULSE, see the theatre festival in Ipswich that runs from 31 May until 24 June. Lots happening.